As an ordinary Canadian, I’ve always had reasons to be a little cautious about putting trust in politicians and bureaucrats.  Frequently over-confident, often distant and unrelatable, almost always a little too slick and greasy.  But in these past two years, I’ve seen you for what you are: simply unworthy of any trust.  Here are just ten reasons why I don’t trust you (I could easily name ten more – heck, I’ll do just that later

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Release after a Court Order

After a hard fought battle in a US court, a judge ordered the Pfizer covid vaccine trial results to be made available to the public. The data, which the FDA tried to have sealed for 75 years, shows a blatant effort by Pfizer to commit fraud and hide the fact that the vaccines are not only dangerous but do much more harm than good. These results were not only shocking but horrific. Even more horrific is that these reports have been in the Canadian government's possession since April 2021.

Trudeau, Tam, Health Canada, the provincial officers and NACI have all known since April that the vaccines are killing and permanently injuring the Canadian people.

What was our government's response to this information?

To stop this failed vaccine from doing any more harm. NO!

  • They approved it for children.
  • They forced people to get injected through threats of losing their jobs and their fundamental freedoms.
  • Now our prime minister is spewing hate when he talks about the unvaccinated.


These are the acts of criminals.