Ten reasons we don’t trust you anymore

By TJ Five
Twitter: @TJ_Five_

1. You didn’t look out for the well-being of residents of Long-Term Care Homes (LTCH), even when the pandemic really started there and was concentrated in those homes.
Up till now, 80% (9,650 out of 11,970) of all Ontario COVID-19 deaths have been of people aged 70 and older[i], with a disproportionate number of these being LTCH residents[ii].  You pretended that there was no graduated risk based primarily on age and health conditionS

2. You didn’t differentiate between hospitalizations and deaths “with COVID-19” and “from COVID-19”. The difference is obviously important, and yet you ignored it until 2022.

For the vast majority of cases, even a lay person with no training could correctly determine whether someone is in hospital “with COVID-19” or “from COVID-19”. If they are brought in with a gunshot wound, or following a car accident, or with bee stings all over their body, and you happen to run a PCR test that comes out positive for COVID-19, this is “with COVID-19”.  Having COVID-19 is not why they are in the hospital. And yet, all along, you have counted all such people as COVID-19 hospitalizations and, if they died, as COVID-19 deaths.  This is blatantly dishonest and completely unnecessary – and to this day, no one has come clean to say how many hospitalizations and deaths were “with COVID-19”.

3. You continue to pretend that natural immunity does not exist.

Your vaccine passport scheme segregates people into two groups: “the vaccinated” and “the unvaccinated”, totally ignoring a third group: “the immune”, i.e., those who have had COVID-19 and recovered.  The corporate media plays along, pretending that natural immunity is a controversial concept. Yet natural immunity is one of the most basic elements of epidemiology. This indicates that you are not serious about the management of illness within a population nor about the prudent use of resources (i.e. by ignoring natural immunity, you force jabs on people who don’t need them, because they are immune).

4.You have pretended that the negative consequences of the policies you employed in response to COVID-19 do not exist, or do not matter.

Unemployment, especially amongst poor and working class people, has been ignored.  The decline in mental health (resulting in depression and suicide), domestic and drug abuse, and child neglect and abuse that accompanies the economic impact and isolation of lockdown have been ignored, dismissed or minimized (as have all the developmental harms suffered by children).  No serious consideration has been given to what it will take to recover the proper functioning of and trust in our social institutions – public health facilities, police, teachers, doctors, courts, legislatures, sports codes, human rights bodies, etc. (not to mention political parties).

5. You’ve been irrational and illogical.

If your mask works to stop the spread of COVID-19, then your mask works, and it doesn’t matter to your health whether I wear a mask or not. But if your mask doesn’t work to stop the spread of COVID-19, then just leave me alone – I refuse to join in your silliness. It’s like you insisting that I also carry an umbrella to make sure that your umbrella protects you from the rain.  The same goes for the vaccine: if it works, then it works and it protects you from Covid: good for you. But if it doesn’t work, why on earth should I take it too?  And if it only sort-of works, for a limited time – again, why should I be manipulated / coerced / bribed / shamed into taking it?  So, you’ve promoted plainly illogical positions and attitudes in support of universal masking and vaccination. This means one of two things: either you are daft or your motives are suspect.

6. You have betrayed tens of thousands of dedicated health workers.

You have silenced and betrayed all those committed health professionals who willingly exposed themselves to significant risk throughout 2020 caring for COVID-19 patients in hospitals. When there were no vaccines, you praised these workers as heroes; when the vaccines arrived, you forced vaccines on them against their will and despite their immunity. Your attitude, in direct contrast to these workers, seems to be: “I’ll support whatever is convenient for me, and damn the human beings affected.”

7. You deliberately misrepresent information (in other words, you lie with data).

You continue to present misleading data, by categorizing people as “unvaccinated” who are hospitalized or die within 14 days of their first jab.  This is especially dishonest now that it is clear that most adverse reactions to the jab occur within days following the jab, and that people are more susceptible to COVID-19 immediately after getting the jab.

8. You have promoted bigotry and discrimination between groups of Canadians.

With the corporate media’s help, you are now scapegoating an entire massive sub-population of Canadians, including thousands of health-workers, police officers, and ordinary working class people who exercise their right to bodily autonomy. You are blaming them as a group for a healthcare crisis, something that has never been done in the history of a free and fair Canada. Did you ever blame smokers, obese people, or drug addicts for taking up space in the healthcare system (not to mention all the vaccinated folks also taking up space in the same system!)? Choosing to demonize these Canadians will not only make them even less likely to comply with your tyranny, it will also lead us all down a very dark path of persecution that we will all regret.

9. You support censorship.

You think that we don’t have the intelligence and good sense to listen to differing points of view and make up my own mind about my own health. You have the arrogance to think that you can treat us like children, deciding what we will hear, see and be able to decide about. When prominent and credible Canadian organizations and individuals with solid medical professional credentials have spoken out against the mainstream COVID-19 narrative, you have sided with their persecutors and censors.

10. You do not respect my bodily autonomy.

Apparently you would respect my right to carve up my own body, to take harmful and illegal drugs, to smoke, to over-eat or under-eat (all of which could lead to me “taking up a hospital bed”, of course), to kill another human being (through abortion), even to kill myself (through euthanasia or suicide); and yet somehow you have decided – in a liberal western democracy, no less – that I have no right to say “NO” to a drug treatment.  Even obscure international organizations like the United Nations would disagree with you. My individual circumstances and medical condition do not matter to you, given your arbitrary decree that exemptions will be “infrequent”. By your blanket mandates, you have completely broken the trust of the patient-doctor relationship that is supposed to be protected, private and personal.


[i] Ontario Official COVID-19 Data, available at https://covid-19.ontario.ca/data/case-numbers-and-spread.  Retrieved January 9th, 2022.  As of January 19th, 2022, the deaths-by-age data table is no longer available on this page, and the total Ontario deaths figure has been revised without any visible explanation from 11,970 [this excludes one death of unknown age] to 10,378 at January 9th [10,726 at January 18th].

[ii] The Lies Exposed by the Numbers: Fear, Misdirection, & Institutional Deaths (An Investigative Report).  Julius Ruechel.  May 25, 2021.  In this report, the author details how over 90% of all outbreak-related COVID-19 deaths [at that stage these made up almost 60% of all Covid-19 deaths] were in Long-term Care Homes.